Holiday Jam Update

Today wasn’t a huge day with tons of progress but I managed to add in a sense of progression to the game.  Also, PARTICLES!


There’s something magical about having little sparkles twinkle along behind your sleigh that makes it that much more believable that you’re watching Santa’s sleigh.

Oh, and the progression was pretty simple.  So far enemies are being broken up into size groups, with each size group having their own category of word (small enemies own shorter words while large enemies may have up to a small phrase).  I also dealt with the game’s violence as well, playing it off as “Christmasizing” your enemies.  This amounts to giving them Christmas Cheer until they fly off in glee.  Here’s a few examples:enemy


Hats, beards, candy canes, scarves… I mean… what more could these aliens ask for?  Sheesh, maybe I should call them Greediens.

At my current rate, I expect to finish with barely enough time to slap on one or two extra features, but we’ll see how that status is as the deadline becomes ominously close.